Court Appointed Assessors - Respected and Authoritative

In the event of a costs dispute, where the parties are not able to amicably resolve the matter by agreement, it will be necessary for them to go through the formal Costs Assessment process. Below we have provided flowcharts of the Queensland and New South Wales formal dispute resolution process.

This process however necessitates a Court Appointed Assessor being appointed through an Order of the court. The parties themselves can nominate (from a Register of Approved Cost Assessors) and agree upon the Assessor to be appointed and lodge a Consent to Order with the Court.

Ultimately, the Assessor is called upon to independently assess the matter and file a Certificate of Costs with the court which, subject to the rights of review, becomes an Court Order enforceable by the parties.

QICS recognizes the depth of knowledge required by Court Appointed Costs Assessors and has a number of consultants who have this experience and expertise and can assist with this form of dispute resolution.

The formal Costs Assessment process should be recognised as differing from what is often termed a ‘costs assessment’ or short-form assessment.
flowchart of NSW formal dispute resolution  flowchart of QLD formal dispute resolution

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